Moon sighting session held in Jamia Masjid

BIRMINGHAM: A meeting regarding the moon-sighting held in Birmingham Jamia Masjid which was presided over by Chairman of the Jamia Masjid Chaudhry Muhammad Afzal.
The meeting convened regarding the moon-sighting for Ramadhan ul Mubarak and Eidul Fitr which was attended by religious scholars and experts who discussed different aspects of moon-sighting.
They kept into consideration the calendars birth of moon of Saudi Arabia, Morocco, South Africa and Britain. The experts and religious scholars discussed six formulas, while Ulema presented their reservations in the light of Holy Quran and Sunnah of Holy Prophet Muhammad PBUH.
Councillor Chaudhry Afzal said due to latest technology and quick development in science it is easy to check when the moon can be seen by observing the calendar. In view of Holy Quran and sayings of Holy Prophet PBUH and modern science it is easy to check the fresh birth of moon and the time it can be observed, he said.
He said it is making things clear and now it is possible that there would be one Eid in Britain and Muslims in Britain celebrate Eid on same day. At this juncture when narrow-mindedness has engulfed Muslims we have to show patience and broadmindedness.
He said if the formula was unanimous and agreement will be on beginning of Ramadhan and celebration of Eid will be reached then City Council Birmingham will be contacted to get a one day holiday for Muslims to celebrate Eid. When need to show unity and strength for the purpose, he added.