Conservative launch peoples’ contact move

LUTON: Conservative Party Luton hold a special meeting which was attended by former parliamentary candidate Dane Russell, Secretary Margret Geoff, Councillor Michael, Councillor Kiel Gareth, councilor John, former candidates Councillor Asif Chaudhry, Malik Meharban and huge number of party workers.
Giving details of the meeting Malik Meharban said the meeting discussed in detail the party performance and party leaders and workers were asked to increase their contacts with community and membership forms were distributed among people to encourage them to join Conservative Party.
The people were appealed to join party and encourage the change in Luton, he said, adding that the party workers were of the view that the party vote bank has increased in Luton and one councillor seat was increased, which is a good omen.
He said the meeting was informed that Asian community vote particularly Kashmiri and Pakistani community vote is more than 50 per cent in Luton and the party has to cover this important community vote for future. He said Asians particularly Kashmiris are not well aware of party policy so they must be included in party ranks and give them proper know-how about party policies so that they remain well aware of the party work.
He said the participants of the meeting were of the view that all out efforts should be made to impart proper education regarding the party policy among people.
The participants of the meeting felicitated Conservative Party leadership for overall victory in Britain.