I am thankful to Allah, Community for Mayor-ship: Sufi Rasab

SLOUGH: The positive role of community is being praised on every level in British politics and your efforts in Britain will never go in vain, said newly elected Mayor of Slough Councillor Sufi Muhammad Rasab.
“I am thankful to Allah Almighty and then to my community for giving me the honor to hold the slot of Mayor of Slough”, Sufi Rasab said while addressing a dinner hosted by President Pakistan Welfare Association Slough Chaudhry Siddiq. The function was also attended by former AJK Minister Mehmood Riaz, former Mayor Slough Councillor Chaudhry Shafiq,, former Mayor Mirpur Chaudhry Abdul Razzaq, Councillor Muhammad Sharif, Councillor Zafar Ajaib, Councillor Atteeq Dar, Aurangzeb Chaudhry, Chaudhry Afzal, Chaudhry Khurshed, Jabbar Ahmed, Muhammad Parvaiz were present in the function.
Sufi Rasab in his address said the love and affection shown by people of Slough is honor for him. “I am thankful and grateful to every citizen of Slough”, he added.
“The doors of Mayor Chamber will always remain open for every one without any political discrimination and it is my desire and one of the top most priorities to protect the interests of community and create complete unity and solidarity”, he said.
He thanked host Chaudhry Siddiq for holding such a graceful function in his honor.
Chaudhry Siddiq addressing the gathering his relationship with Mayor Sufi Rasab is very old and tested by all seasons and today he is feeling very happy after Sufi Rasab was elected Mayor of Slough.
The participants of the function felicitated Mayor of Slough Sufi Rasab for his election as Mayor and assured their full support to him to run the affairs smoothly.