Mayor-ship of Rasab honor for Muslim community: Ch Shakil

SLOUGH: “Being first citizen of Slough it is obligatory on me and my responsibility to protect the rights of every citizen living in the Borough”, said Sufi Rasab newly elected Mayor of Slough.
“Though I am hailing from Labour Party but even then my post requires from me to take care of every citizen without any discrimination and now today onwards my doors of are open for every one without any discrimination of cast, color, race and political belief and I pray to Allah Almighty to grant me courage to hold justice and protect the rights of my people”, emotional Sufi Rasab said while addressing the oath taking ceremony.
Earlier Labour Party’s two-third majority in the Slough Borough Council nodded to appoint Sufi Rasab as Mayor for the year 2015-16. Chief Executive Borough Council administered the oath while Arvind Waliwal was elected as deputy mayor.
Sufi Rasab belongs to Mirpur AJK and his elder brother Chaudhry Abdul Razaq remains Mayor of Municipal Corporation Mirpur and former Advisor to AJK PM Aurangzeb Chaudhry is his maternal uncle.
The oath taking ceremony was attended by former AJK Minister Mehmood Riaz, Councillor Muhammad Shareef, Councillor Zafar Ajaib, Councillor Muhammad Nazeer, former Mayor Councillor Shafiq Chaudhry, Councillor Raja Muhammad Zirat, Councillor Ateeq Dar, Councillor Ishrat Shah, Councillor Usmani, former Mayor Mirpur Chaudhry Razaq, Haji Arif, Chaudhry Muhammad Afzal, former Councillor Azhar Qureshi, Councillor Azad Jarral, Councillor Sarfaraz Kayani, Councillor Raja Amjid, Raja Rasheed, Councillor Nazr Lodhi, and a large number of community leaders and members.
On the occasion Sufi Rasab said he is thankful to Labour Party leadership for electing him as Mayor of Slough. “It will be my duty to take along every community living in Slough and resolve all their problems”, he added.
Besides serving every community of Slough he will enhance the pace of development to raise the prestige and honor of the Borough round the country.
He said he will utilize all out efforts to maintain unity and solidarity in the Borough which is imperative for development in the area.
Britain is a multi-cultural and multi community country and it hold a prestigious position in the world due to justice done at every part of life.
He thanked the community saying the community always supported him in whole political career. “Now is my desire as being Mayor his chamber will be a coordination office for all community which will be necessary for unity”, he added.
Renowned business leader Chaudhry Shakeel Ahmed felicitated Sufi Rasab for being new Mayor of Slough saying Mayorship is not only honor for Sufi Rasab but whole Muslim community. Rasab is a seasoned politician and he got the slot due to his efforts in whole political career. “I am sure Sufi Rasab like his past will remain on forefront to serve the community as Mayor and after it, he added.