Friends of Kashmir Fiona won, Rasab next Mayor of Slough

SLOUGH: Fiona Macteggart, Labour Party candidate and among Friends of Kashmir was given a befitting reply by British Kashmiris by giving her overwhelming victory in the general elections.
Fiona Macteggart Labour Party candidate won her seat with a huge margin after bagging 23,421 votes while her contestant Gur Charan Singh of Conservative Party got 16,085 votes.
Labour Party got majority in Local Bodies polls from the area and majority of Pakistani origin candidates won their seats in local bodies’ polls that include Councillor Muhammad Nazir, Councillor Sobia Husnain, Councillor Usmani, Councillor Ishrat Shah and Councillor Suhail Munawwar won their seats.
Senior Councillor of the Slough Boro Council and Deputy Mayor will take oath as Mayor of the Council, as in the meeting of Labour Party Slough the approval was given to appoint Sufi Rasab as Mayor of the Council.
Prominent people of Slough Chaudhry Shakeel Ahmed, Matloub Ahmed and others felicitated Sufi Rasab saying that real and true son of Kashmir is living in Britain from more than three decades and struggle a lot on political front. He got elected councilor three times and served the people of Slough and resolved their problems.
From 2006 he is continuously being elected Councillor and he holds different responsible posts and he is currently member of the Committee for Licensing and Planning.
Chaudhry Shakeel felicitated the entire community in Slough saying Sufi Rasab is above any political discrimination and capable to serve people of Slough equally. He said his spirit of serving people will be source of inspiration for other mayors.
It is pertinent to note that Sufi Rasab is hailing Mirpur area of Azad Kashmir and his brother Chaudhry Abdul Razaq also served as Chairman Mirpur Development Authority.
Former Advisor to Prime Minister AJK Chaudhry Aurangzeb is belonging to the family of Sufi Rasab while all presidents of an oldest welfare organization in Slough Pakistan Welfare Association are living in the constituency of Sufi Rasab.