Charged Kashmiris celebrate victory of two in Little Pakistan

BRADFORD: Victory of two Kashmiri origin candidates in British General elections was warmly celebrated by Kashmiris living in Little Pakistan Bradford.
Labour Party candidate Naz Shah defeated George Galloway, veteran politician and leader Respect Party with an overwhelming margin George Galloway got only 8,557 votes while Naz Shah got 19,977 votes.
Imran Hussain, who was Deputy Leader of Bradford Council and belonging to a political family of Pothi area of Mirpur, defeated Liberal Democrat Party candidate David Ward with a margin of 7,084 votes. Imran Hussain got 19,312 votes and Ward got 12,228 votes.
It is pertinent to note that David Ward won this seat in 2010 general elections with a close margin of 365 votes.
In Bradford Labour Party won the Local Bodies polls too and all Asian candidates majority Pakistani and Kashmiri won their seats with huge margin.