Indian state terrorism continue in Kashmir: Rattvi

MANCHESTER: The aggression by Indian military and other institutions is continue in Indian occupied Kashmir for last two and a half decades and people are being killed by ignoring the basic human rights, said Chaudhry Bashir Ahmed Rattvi, Convener Jammu Kashmir Muslim Conference Britain while addressing a press conference here.
During the press conference Rattvi was flanked by Chaudhry Muhammad Haneef, Sheikh Sarfaraz Hussain, Mohsin Ali Sarfaraz and Lala Ali Asghar.
Rattvi was of the view that the UN Resolutions on Kashmir are in freeze boxes and this conscience keeper institution has failed to take any positive step to resolve Kashmir issue and save Kashmiris from the clutches of Indian army. Kashmir is an oldest dispute on the agenda of the UN and it is responsibility of this institution and world powers to resolve this issue, he added.
He said Indian brutalities in Kashmir are continue as young kids are being killed and maimed before they come to age while women are facing trauma as Indian forces have tarnished their chastity.
India has bent upon to change the population ratio of Kashmir with the settlement of Hindus and for the purpose Modi Government is using force to crush the Kashmiris voice, he maintained, adding India wants to defuse the ongoing freedom movement with the settlement of Hindus but it will remain a dream for India.
He said with negative tactics India cannot succeed in crush the voice of Kashmir for freedom and ultimate victory will be of Kashmiri freedom fighters.
Rattvi criticized the world community saying the negligence and silence of world powers towards Indian brutalities in Kashmir is clear indication of dual standards. If world powers are eager to eliminate terrorism from the region they have to take positive steps to resolve Kashmir issue, he demanded.
Rattvi revealed that Muslim Conference is founding party of Jammu Kashmir and world is well aware of the Muslim Conference’s role in freedom movement and highlighting it across the globe. Though some forces are bent upon the crush the Muslim Conference but all their efforts go in vein and all conspiracies die down, he maintained.
Leaders like K H Khursheed and Chaudhry Noor Hussain have left the party but Chaudhry Ghulam Abbas has formed the party on strong lines and then Sardar Abdul Qayyum Khan and Sardar Atteeq Khan further strengthened the party on ideological bases, Rattvi said.
People in large number are joining Muslim Conference because of the ideology and very soon Muslim Conference will again rule the AJK.
Rattvi announced that he will tour across the Britain from May 10 to meet party workers and to hold consultation with party cadres regarding reorganization of the party.
He thanked Chaudhry Muhammad Zulfiqar, Javed Abbasi, Raja Ishaq Sabir and Chaudhry Muhammad Khan and other leaders and workers for their participation in Greater Manchester Program during the recent visit of party President Sardar Atteeq Ahmed Khan.