Labour Party will address issues of poor, middle class: Debbie

OLDHAM: Conservative Party during previous years did nothing practical for welfare and benefit of people but made rhetoric of mathematical figures.
This was stated by Debbie Abraham, Labour Women Forum and ex Parliamentarian from Oldham East during an election meeting. The meeting was conducted by first Asian Councillor of Oldham Councillor Yasmeen Torr.
She said no direct benefit was given to people in Britain besides the country’s economy was ruined and the allegations were levelled on Labour Party and in fact it was all because of international recession.
Conservative Government has also ruined the pension and NHS and caused frustrating situation for people round the country, she added.
She said Labour Party always adopted solid stance on Palestine issue and we will stand shoulder to shoulder with Palestinians for their rights. “I am Chairperson of All Parties Kashmir Group and raised voice at every forum for the rights of Kashmiri people and if I was again elected as Parliamentarian I will raise the issue in United Nations on solid base”, she added.
She said if Labour Party assumed power it will immediately put the NHS on its previous stage on revolutionary bases and efforts would be made to improve the economic situation of the country and all efforts would be made to fulfill the manifesto. She said tuition fees of the universities will be put on previous stage of 6000 pounds and financial support will be provided to people interested in small business.
She said representation of Asian Community particularly women will be given highest value and practical measures would be taken for this purpose.
She urged people to come out on May 7, to poll their vote and use your vote in true spectrum and make it a symbol of change.
Yasmeen Qureshi former MP from Bolton said Labour Party always respected and give honor to Asian Community and while forming policies it always consideration all aspects.
Asian Community’s immigration is a major problem for the community and present government has caused terribly problems for the community on this issue, she added.
She said if Labour Party came in power it will give the right of appeal for rejection of tourist visa.
She urged the Asian women to come forward to play their effective role in all fields as without active participation of women no society will prosper.
She called upon women to give more and more votes to vibrant politician like Debbie Abraham.