Thrust of election is on welfare of people, region: Sir Kauffman

MANCHESTER: Sir Gerald Kauffman has said Labour Party will correct the family system of poor and middle class of the country, as people have faced worst form of budget cuts and decrease in benefits by previous Conservative Government.
The budget cuts and decrease in benefits has caused a lot of problems for poor and middle class people and Labour Party is firm to address these things to bring facilities for people, Kauffman said while addressing the election meetings of former Councillor Abid Chauhan. Councillor Lutfur Rehman, Councillor Sidra Noor, Chairman Greater Manchester Pakistanis Association Haroon Khattana, Vice Chairman Trader Association Chaudhry Abdul Kareem and a huge number of members of Pakistani and Bangladeshi community were also present on the occasion.
Senior Labour Party leader and Parliamentary candidate Gerald Kauffman said with the victory of Labour Party on May 7 he will become ‘Father of the House’ and use his influence for resolution of people and for prosperity of the region.
“We will being pace in the ongoing efforts for resolution of Kashmir issue and make our efforts to resolving issued Pakistan is facing and to bring development and prosperity in Pakistan”, he said.
On the invitation of Chaudhry Abdul Kareem and Haroon Khattana, Sir Kauffman visited the markets and hold meeting with traders’ community to know their problems.
Abid Chauhan, candidate for local council that Pakistani community should know the strength of their vote and poll its vote to be a strong power.