Sajjad a real representative for Oldham: MEP

OLDHAM: Dr Sajjad Haider Karim, Member European Parliament (MEP) has said Conservative allotted party tickets of upcoming general elections to able and capable people who can serve British people in a way to socio economic strength.
Sajjad Hussain is one of the able person who got party ticket and his victory on May 7 will prove beneficial not only for Pakistani community but for Conservative Party as well, Dr Sajjad Karim said while addressing an election rally of Sajjad Hussain, Conservative candidate from Oldham at Pakistan Community Center. The rally was also addressed by Raja Amjid Iqbal, candidate for local council Raja Aftab Sharif, Barrister Kashif Chaudhry, Akbar Naharrvi, Mir Ajawat and Peer Sabir. Councillor Chaudhry Khursheed Ahmed conducted the stage.
“When I came Oldham for the first time and I sought help from Oldham people for my election as MEP, even then I was a stranger for them they extended generous support to me”, he said, adding Sajjad Hussian is from you and you have to use your vote to shape up the future of coming generations by giving massive support to him by electioneering for him and giving him vote.
The MEP expressed hope that Sajjad Hussain will win the elections with the active support of his people and will be a strong voice of Oldham people in British Parliament.
While addressing the rally Sajjad Hussain said his past is before people like an open book as he believes in serving people with true spirit and came in politics to use my energies for resolving their problems.
He said Labour Party did nothing practical and always made false commitments. “Problems of Oldham people are my problems as I am living here and understand all what needs to be changed for the betterment of people and I do it”, he added.
He said his first and foremost priority will be Palestinian and Kashmir issue.
Sajjad Hussain urged the people to come out on May 7 to poll their vote for a better future and be part of a change in Oldham political scene.
Earlier prominent political figure of Oldham Raja Yousuf Bandori announced to join Conservative Party saying like Sajjad Karim brought a good name for community in European Parliament, Sajjad Hussain will raise the issues of community in British Parliament and use efforts to resolve problems of the community.
He asked people that Allah Almighty has given you a chance, don’t lose it and vote for Sajjad Hussain for the sake of community.