British Muslim women facing worst unemployment rate

By: S Tabassum

National Elections activities are at full swing in UK. Every political party has his clear agenda but not a single party seems to be worried about British Muslim Women who have fewer chances of employments as compare to Christians and Hindu women.
The recent national Labour Force survey showed the unemployment rate among Muslim women was 18 per cent, compared with 9 per cent for Hindu women and 4 per cent for white Christian women.
This has previously been attributed to Muslim women being less well educated and less fluent in English, but latest data shows the discrepancy is also likely to be explained by employer discrimination.
Dr Nabil Khattab from University of Bristol’s has recently presented his report publically which shows that discrimination against Muslim women in the workplace means they are much more likely to be unemployed than white Christian women, even when they have the same qualifications and language skills.
Report shows economic activity among Muslim women in the UK remains considerably lower and their unemployment rate remains significantly higher than the majority group even after controlling for qualifications and other individual characteristics.
It further states clearly that British Muslim women wear the hijab or other religious symbols which makes them more visible and as such exposed to greater discrimination.
Here the matter arises who will handle this issue. There is a considerable amount of British Muslim parliamentarians and some more are contesting these elections but who dare to raise this discrimination with full voice.
British Muslim women voters must think their priorities before casting vote on 7th May. They should ask their parliamentary candidates what they can do to eliminate this discrimination. No doubt this the golden time to raise this issues.