People show their strength by attending Jishne Milad: Siddiqui

BIRMINGHAM: To enhance the strength of faith, raise the flags of glory of Mustafa (Holy Prophet Muhammad) PBUH, people must come out of their houses to participate in 6th annual Jishne Milad in Nabi PBUH rally and procession and protection of the movement for safeguarding the finalization of prophethood, said Peer Allaudin Siddiqui, leader of Tehreek e Tahafuz Namoos e Rasalat (Movement for safeguarding the chastity and honor of Prophethood) while addressing a representative gathering of Ulema and Mashaikh held at Jamia Masjid and Shrine of Neryan Sharif.
The representative gathering was attended by Lord Mayor Birmingham Shafeeq Shah, Phil Benon former member European Parliament, Mufti Gul Rehman Qadri, Hafiz Fazal Ahmed Qadri, Mufti Rasool Bakhsh Saeedi, Dr Habib Peerzada, Mufti Yar Muhammad Qadri, Peer Tayyabur Rehman Qadri, Barrister Muhammad Ayub Khan, Qari Shoaib Chishti, Raja Zahid Nawaz, Moulana Bostan Qadri, Pakistani Ulema including Mufti Zameer Ahmed, Allama Ziaur Rehman Hazarvi, Hafiz Inayat Ali, Qari Saleem Naqashbandi, Qari Aijaz Ahmed, Allama Misbah ul Mulk, Allama Niaz Ahmed Siddiqui, Allama Hanif Chishti, Chaudhry Azeem, Convener All Parties Kashmir Coordination Committee Nayab Hussain Mughal, Shahzad Iqbal.
Peer Allaudin said people through their unity and strength give a world a message that the lifestyle of Muslim would be separate but we are united against the people who commit blasphemy in honor of Holy Prophet Muhammad PBUH.
Before holding the Tahfuz e Nabuwat PBUH Conference the objectives of the conference have started coming in front. During last three months everywhere the invitation and awareness programs were held which created a huge awareness among people, he added.
Lord Mayor Shafeeq Shah said it is honor for him that being Mayor of biggest Local Government Authority in Europe, he is hosting such a big gathering regarding the Milad un Nabi PBUH, People should come forward to attend the gathering along with families.