Education guides nations towards development: Anwar Masood

LUTON: Renowned poet and educationist Prof Anwar Masood development without education is not possible and no nation could attain development without attaining modern education in this era of science and technology.
Addressing a Charity Program ‘A Night on Education’ organized by UK Islamic Mission Anwar Masood said education gives human being knowledge and guides a society towards the direction where it can attain the development and prosperity.
He said giving education to a person is a continuous charity (Sadqa e Jarria) as Islam has stressed the need of attaining education at any cost and there is no discrimination of gender and class in it. The first verse of Holy Quran came from Allah Almighty was ‘Read with the name of Allah’ and the second example was the prisoners of Ghazwa e Badr who were asked to give education to Muslims and they will be released, he added.
Taking on deteriorating state of education in Pakistan Anwar Masood said Government has removed person from the syllabus and the importance of this language cannot be ignored today.
Anwar Masood who is also a much liked and cherished comic poet presented some poems and enthralled the audience.
The function was arranged by UK Islamic Mission officials Nadeem Tabani, Muhammad Riaz Wali, Moulana Muhammad Iqbal Awan, Qari Nazir Ahmed, Chaudhry Muhammad Sharif, Akram Khanzada, Maqsood Anwar and others.
It started with recitation from Holy Quran by Qari Nazir Ahmed and Iqbal Awan conducted the stage.
Lord Qurban Hussain, Councillor Chaudhry Muhammad Ayub, Councillor Muhammad Fazil Zia, Chaudhry Muhammad Sharif, former Councillor Masood Akhtar, Yaseen Rehman, Sadiq Subhani, Sheraz Khan, Abrar Qureshi, Malik Liaqat, Abid Malik, Ali Ishaq, Jamil Ahmed, Raja Shafiq Palalvi, Irfan Nagialvi, Wajid Nagialvi, Mazhar Qureshi, Ramzan Chaudhry, Kh Abdul Rasheed, Master Raja Nisar, Raja Zarob, Haji Suleman, Chaudhry Farid, Zaid Kalyal, Haider Abbas, Malik Rafiq, Nasir Bilal, Muhammad Riaz, Amir Mehmood and other dozens of participants took part in the function.