British Law needs to look into affected women of polygamy

By: S. Tabassum

Rising trend among married British Pakistanis to marry with beautiful girls from Azad Kashmir particularly Mini-London Mirpur is point of concern and huge number of affected woman is sitting in Britain with their kids and no one is to take care of them.

Renowned Kashmiri lawyer from Mirpur Muhammad Yaseen Khan Advocate, who was in Britain regarding a case of a woman and her son, said the trend is gaining momentum among married and old British Pakistanis to marry young and beautiful girls from Azad Kashmir. These British citizens need not to marry but to get a ‘certificate for free sex’ and they exploit of the poverty of poor Kashmiri parents for the purpose after enjoying with they are leaving for Britain, he added.

He said many girls delivered children due to such marriages but British national neither brought their wives to Britain nor their children, if in case they brought the woman to Britain they again send them Pakistan and snatch their children and passports to keep them away from Britain.

Muhammad Yaseen Advocate said recently dozens of such case came into surface and many cases were filed in British Courts with the help of British Law firms and well known lawyers and these women including Naima Hassan, Rubina Kausar, Ghazala Kausar, Afshan Khan, Khalida Parveen and many others along with their children are waiting the decisions of these cases. But, he continued, the British Legal Serviced Commission neither provide them any legal aid nor visa.

Recently Royal Court of Justice UK provided a legal way for such women, which pleasant news for these women waiting for justice, Muhammad Yaseen the successful lawyer of this case said.
Second marriages in Britain are being declared ‘Polygamy’ and it is yet to decide what will be fate of affected women of these marriages and their children, he asked, adding till when British nationals go for such marriages and will British law take the issue and will Pakistani parents investigate about their would-be son in law before marriage.

It is need of hour to make some amendments in ‘Nikahnama’ the marriage certificate to stop such incidents and provide protect Pakistani and Kashmiri women.