Tore all books of affection but left only page with word Mother

WOKING: Humnawa UK, a civil society organization, is working on different fronts to link people through different functions, hold a fund raising on the occasion of ‘Mothers’ Day’.
The evening named in the name of Mothers’ Day was decorated with a social and literary gathering during which fund raising was held for maternity unit of St Peter Hospital of Woking Surrey.
Folk Artist Lala Qadeer and his companions enthralled the audience after he presented mystic and folk songs paying tributes to ‘Mother’. The participants were served delicious food and beverages.
Highlighting the character and sweetness of word ‘Maa’ Mother, Councillor Raja Muhammad Ilyas said Mother is a topic which has equal regard and respect in all religions, societies and in all cultures, and poets, writers and intellectuals have written a lot on it and used efforts to write much better than others.
He talked on the write ups of English writer Robert Browning saying this one sentence is master piece in which an Urdu poet said “I have torn all the books of affection but left one page having word mother in it”.
Senior Member of Management Committee Sufia Mirza welcomed all the participants said that tickets of programs will be available two weeks ago with Management Committee and Pakistani shops. She urged the participants to purchase tickets before the time so that the Management Committee will be in a position to manage things in a better way.
She also thanked the participants for their generous support to Maternity Unit of St Peter Hospital.