Britain to enhance support to Pakistan against terrorism

LONDON: Rehman Chishti, Kashmiri origin British parliamentarian from ruling Conservative Party urged the British Government to enhance its support to Pakistan after worst terrorist attack on Army Public School Peshawar.

Taking part in debate in Parliament he urged the Government to extend all possible support to Pakistan to fight against terrorism besides it should provide latest technology to meet the challenge of terrorism. British Government should take up the issue at every international forum to provide international support to Pakistan, he added.

He talked on congenial bilateral relations of British with Pakistan and said Britain is always standing on the side of Pakistan in its fight against terrorism.

He called upon international community to stop calling terrorists and extremists as Islamic terrorists and extremists and always name them only terrorists and extremists. It is better not to link terrorists with Islam, he added.

He said Taliban is calling them as Islamic force but the interpretation they are making of their Islam is not acceptable to any Muslim and whole Muslim Ummah has rejected them.

He urged entire world to show tolerance and co-existence regarding the religion and the religious sentiments should always be respected. Responsibilities are alongside the rights of human beings and we need to respect the others and avoid making fun of their religious sentiments and if not it could lead towards intolerance which is agenda of terrorists, he added.

Terrorists and evil forces are bending upon to create difference among different societies and put safety and security of entire world at stake, he said.

He talked on Pakistan’s role as frontline state in war against terror and the consequences Pakistan is facing for last 15 years. He also talked on problems is facing due to crossing on Pak Afghan border saying that more than 40,000 people are crossing border daily on two points and it is imperative to enhance security at the border besides provide better equipment to check the terrorist movement. Smart gadgetry like bio-metric scanners, night goggles and GSM intelligence gatherings is provided to meet this challenge.

He termed IEDs a permanent threat and talked on the support provided by Britain to meet this menace.