Over 20 MPs ready to take part in Kashmir debate

LONDON: More than 20 British Parliamentarians have so far shown their willingness to take part in historical debate in the Parliament on Kashmir issue and human rights violations by Indian forces to be held on September 11.

These were views of Councillors, women activists, political and social activists and leadership of Jammu Kashmir Right of Self-Determination Movement (SDM) from Birmingham, Bradford, Manchester, Oldham, Slough, London and other areas in a conference held in the lobby of House of Commons.

The Conference was chaired by Raja Najabat Hussain Chairman SDM while Gareth Thomas MP Shadow Foreign Secretary was chief guest. Prominent among other participants were Shadow Finance Secretary Sabana Mehmood MP, Jason McKartany MP, Gordon Burtwhistle MP, Jollie Halling MP, John Hemming MP, David Nuttall MP, Nazir Gilani, Councillor Akhlaq Ahmed, Muhammad Azam, Mushtaq Lashari, Ra’na Shama Nazir, Anila Asad, Shamim Mehmood, Amina Khalid, Sumera Farrukh, Councillor Ishrat Shah, Azhar Siddiqui and others.

British Parliamentarian David Ward and SDM Chairman Raja Najabat Hussain briefed the participants about the preparations made for September 11 debate in British Parliament while human rights activists Nazir Gilani and Ershad Malik briefed about human rights violations in Kashmir and apathy of Kashmiris and callous attitude of world community.

Ra’na Shama Nazir Chairperson British Kashmiri Women Council briefed the participants about the situation after worst flood in Indian held Kashmir and Azad Kashmir. She appealed to British Kashmiris and world community to extend help to Kashmiris at this hour of need.

They said during the debate Parliamentarians put pressure on British and European Governments besides Indian and Pakistani governments to stop human rights violations in Indian held Kashmir and resolve Kashmir issue according to UN Resolutions.

They urged British Pakistanis and Kashmiris to use all out efforts irrespective of political affiliations to highlight Kashmir issue and contact their concerned British and European Parliamentarians to take part in debate.

They said British and European Parliamentarians should be asked to raise Kashmir issue in annual conferences of their parties and ensure their support for Kashmir cause.


Parliamentarians Jollie Halling and David Nuttall presented the shield of House of Commons to Moulana Muhammad Yaqoob Chishti, a renowned Kashmiri freedom fighter who struggle on diplomatic front for Kashmir for more than 50 years. The shield was received by his grand-daughter Ra’na Shama due to illness of veteran Kashmir leader.

Sabiha Shahzad was also given shield of House of Commons by Shabana Mehmood and David Nuttall, for her struggle for over two decades for Kashmir cause.

Mian Ghulam Rasool of High Wycomb was also given shield of House of Commons for his struggle for Kashmir cause.

Raja Najabat Hussain said David Nuttall MP has played very important role in getting time for a three-hour debate on Kashmir issue in House of Commons while British Kashmiris and Pakistanis, councilors, Kashmiri and Pakistani origin British Parliamentarians have also played their role for Kashmir cause.

Gareth Thomas, Shadow Foreign Secretary said he is here on behalf of Foreign Affairs team of Labour Party to hear genuine problems of Kashmiris and later brief the party leadership on this issue. “I am thankful to SDM leadership and Jullie Hellings as they provided me chance to come in this conference”, he said.