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Libedem forced government to scrap the Visa Bond Scheme

LONDON: Liberal Democrats forced the Government to scrap the British Visa Bond Scheme under which the government had a plans to force visitors from “high risk” countries to pay a £3,000 security bond to enter the Britain.
The Visa Bond Scheme, a brain child of Home Secretary Theresa May…

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Kashmir can be nuclear flashpoint if not resolved: Maroof

SLOUGH: Kashmir at present seeks attention of international community more than ever, as this issue has capacity to cause a nuclear war which can prove disasterous, said Raja Zafar Maroof, senor Vice President of Muslim Conference.
World community should realize that Kashmir is dispute between two nuclear powers so that…

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People are tired of fake promises by present government

NOTTONGHAM: People of Pakistan are tired of fake promises of present government and government should stop making hue and cry over diaogue with Taliban and provide relief to general public, said Raja Mussadiq, senior leader of Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf AJK/London.
It is fun that Mughal Prime Minister Nawaz…

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Muslim students pray in rain as QMUL denies them access to facilities

LONDON: Muslim students of Queen Mary University London (QMUL) have braved the rain to offer Friday prayers outside the varsity, in protest against the denial of facility for Muslims on their Mile End campus.
It was the second ‘prayer protest’ in two weeks, with the student union counting 350 demonstrators…

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MC is ideological and representative voice of Kashmir: Jameel

SLOUGH: Muslim Conference is an ideological and representative party of entire Jammu Kashmir state, which give Kashmiri nation an ideology to get freedom from India and accede with Pakistan, said Chaudhry Jameel Tabbasum, Vice President of MC.
People of Kashmir had passed a resolution of accession with Pakistan in General…

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UKPNP strive for independent Kashmir where people live with equal rights

Kashmir Link Report
BIRMINGHAM: The United Kashmir People National Party (UKPNP) is struggling for an independent Kashmir where every person would have equal rights and feels no pressure, said Sardar Shaukat Ali Kashmir, Chairman UKPNP.
“We struggle for a land where people live with peace and without any discrimination”, Shaukat…

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Hakimullah Mehsud laid to rest

Hakimullah Mehsud laid to rest
MIRANSHAH: Tahreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) leader Hakimullah Mehsud and his close aides,
killed by U.S. drone strikes on Friday, were buried in North Waziristan Agency (NWA), weill informed intelligence sources revealed Saturday.
Besides Hakimullah Mehsud, his uncle, driver and other aides fell prey…

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Steps of Mayor Watford cause unrest among drivers: Sardar Shafiq

WILFORD: Chairman Beacon Carriage Drivers Association, Sardar Shafiq Ahmed was of the view that steps taken by Dorthy Thorn, Mayor of Watford are tentamount ot divide the drivers of Asian community.
“Mayors steps are creating confusion among drivers and they are facing unrest”, Shafiq said while addressing a meeting of…

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World force India to give Kashmiris RoD

LUTON: It is responsibility of world community to press India to stop its barbaric attitude and to give Kashmiri nation their right of self determination, said Hussain Shaheed Sarwar, well known political and social personality and leader of Muslim League AJK here today.
India is violating international laws in Kashmir…

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Pakistan offers great rate of returns on investment: Shahbaz Sharif

London: Chief Minister of the Punjab, Mian Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif and Senior Minister Baroness Warsi  today co-chaired a Pakistan-UK Energy Conference 2013 to strengthen the partnership between the two countries in the energy sector and address the energy challenges in Pakistan. The event was jointly organized by the…

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